12.21.2020 The Grand Conjunction - Winter Solstice Live Stream Part 2


Sketches from composing A Symphony for the Living, continued:


Ten is Zen: The compass brings us each to our own beating hearts, until we feel ourselves on solid ground and can begin to chart this new landscape. Haltingly at first, we begin to harmonize.

Pause: Honing in. Simplify, so we can keep moving.

(Another) Border: This time we are more prepared, and can move faster and more fluidly through the hinterlands.

Pause: Relief. We've made it this far, but there's more to go. Gather the energy.

Saturn's Jig: Learning the steps of this new dance.

Lo Key Left: The patterns of the new terrain begin to emerge more clearly. This whole composition is the journey of a dance coming to life. Difficult times are ahead, and we’re being called to the circle to dance a more beautiful world into being. Feel ourselves in the circle. Feel the ancient medicine - dancing together.

Phase out: So here we are, in a new place and a new time, practicing for the coming celebration of our common kinship.

* Initial tracks of The Border and Ten is Zen were recorded in The Before Times, with Oso on drums.

*collage using digital image by Marije Berting