11.19.2021 Solar Flares and Lunar Eclipse

art & music merging

Today we’re sharing a recording of a different sort of live composition. Hawk filmed our dear friends Stenz and C.E.O. painting a mural on some of the last warm days of this gorgeous autumn season, and then set the time lapse of it to music.

The guys didn’t know when they began that some intense solar flares were on their way towards earth, just that it all felt like a beautifully cosmic collaboration, a celebration even. We hope you’ll enjoy the process.

On another note, ID Radio will be streaming live tonight at 8:00pm MST at aspenchant.com, marking the full moon/lunar eclipse that occurred some hours ago, and you’re all invited to tune in.

Wishing you all to be well, vibrant, and inspired,

Mira and Hawk