August 3rd Full Sturgeon Moon


We began writing a couple of new pieces this week. We’re tuning in to different cycles of rhythm and sort of rotating around them, finding pathways that feel soothing on our nervous systems. Miyamoto Musashi said that “All things entail rising and falling timing. You must be able to discern this.” We’re practicing tuning into the feeling of the music rather than our thoughts about it, and it's been rejuvenating We really appreciate hearing feedback about what it's like to listen with us on these exploratory streams, so thanks to our friends who are participating with us in this process!

I was wondering about this full moon being named after the sturgeon. I learned that several species of sturgeon are now endangered. Reading an article about how dams are killing them brings to mind the 3 Gorges dam, that giant feat of engineering not far from Wuhan that is reported to be under stress from recent flooding. Although there is no point in ruminating about the 3 Gorges dam, I do. If it breaks, would we grieve more for the lives lost and broken, or the easiness we took for granted before all those supply chains blew?

What sort of creatures are we? It feels, one way or another, like we’re beginning to find out.

Even though it’s a tired metaphor, sometimes I can’t help thinking of the titanic. Up until what point were passengers still complaining of the poor service of the staff? Or who among them, the moment they knew, thought of how to help others as best they could? Who saved themselves, if there is such a thing?

Is the dam in danger of bursting, or is it just another fear grenade rolling around the world? Either way, perhaps it will have more of us contemplating how deeply interconnected we are now. It feels like another invitation to give up our lesser concerns, and starting learning how to learn new ways of being. Where are the maps?